Maintaining your car is crucial, and every car owner should be attentive in doing so – not only to extend the life of your vehicle, but also to keep yourself safe. Always stick to your maintenance plan to keep your car running at peak efficiency.

Preventative maintenance, according to Imperial Auto, is the best thing you can do for your car to extend its life and save money on repairs. When it comes to trading in or selling your car, having a complete service history is essential.

Check your Air Filter

Filters should be replaced every 12 months or every 20000 kilometres, whichever comes first. Every time a vehicle is serviced at Imperial Auto, the filters are examined.

Inspect fluids and tyre pressure regularly

These are critical components of your vehicle that have a tendency to wear down and run out too rapidly. Do a check at least once a month, check these – it only takes 10 minutes.

Check your battery

Check your battery on a regular basis, and never disregard a low battery warning. Examine your battery and its surrounding parts for any signs of leaking or mineral build-up. When your car is not in use, don’t keep lights on that will drain your battery.

Change your spark plugs

If your engine isn’t running smoothly, it’s possible that the spark plugs are to blame. Check them out and have them replaced if necessary. They normally have a lifespan of roughly 50000 kilometres. Spark plugs would be tested as part of your routine maintenance.

Get your tyres rotated and balanced

This will save tyres from wearing out and help them last longer. Tyres do not wear equally, thus rotating the front and back tyres helps to balance the wear and extend the life of the tyres. When you take your car in for a servicing, you should also have the wheel alignment checked.

Clean your windshields and replace the wipers

The collected filth on your windscreen, if not cleaned, not only makes it difficult to see, but it can also damage the glass.

If the rainy season is approaching, inspect your wipers and replace them if necessary.

Check your brakes

Check your brake fluid on a regular basis. If you hear a noise from your brakes or notice that you aren’t stopping as soon as you should… Take a look at those pads and disks.

Ladies maintaining your vehicle helps to avoid unnecessary service fees, and makes it more reliable. At Woman’s Warehouse we have workshops that equip and educate women on maintenance and simple repairs that they can perform on their vehicles, you can also visit our e-commerce site to shop automotive products that make your life easier on the road.

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