How’s Your V feeling? 


Hmmm…. never really asked myself that one before? I mean we all have had occasions where she isn’t feeling “herself” but we “soldier on” and get through it. 


Did you know that there are many factor that can cause your “V” to be less than pleased with you and that other that can make her very very angry. 

Let’s go through a few feelings your “V” might be having so we can help you better understand your fairy purse, flower or whatever you call your “V”.


So it’s ver simple get yourself a pen and paper and let’s see how we can help your precious little V.

A. Itchy


We’ve all been there right? After a long weekend of let’s just say “overindulging” your “V” might be ready for a Girls Night In.

There could be other reasons for your Vijay-Vijay or as we at Woman’s Warehouse say V-A-G-I-N-A to itch here is what we found.

“Vaginal itching occurs due to irritating substances or infections. Exposing the vagina to irritating chemicals can cause vaginal itching. These irritants may trigger an allergic reaction that creates an itchy rash over various areas of the body, including the vagina. It may also occur as a result of certain skin disorders or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). In rare cases, vaginal itching might develop due to stress or vulvar cancer. ” Credit: Healthline.Com



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On to the next option,


B. Funky


Ladies, let’s be real your vagina has a fragrance of it’s own and N-O ….its not a clean linen, pine forrest smell or rose garden smell…’s well a vagina smell but not only that it’s YOUR vagina smell a special bouquet of your special one of a kind scent.

Unfortunately, there have been comparisons made to fishy fragrance and that is not accurate either ,if you are smelling a bit fishy down there here could be the reason for this.


We’ve got your back in this instance we recommend 2 Femagene products:

Let’s get to our last option,

C: Just Fine

Well if t’s all good in the hood who are we to say anything but “you go girl.”


To keep your “V” happy these are the products we just love for everyday use.



Yay for us … until next time…


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