About Us

Our founder,

Nadine Clevely was given the vision for Woman’s Warehouse in 2005 and with no idea of what it would look like, the one thing she knew was that it had to make an impact.

Fast forward to 2020

and in the middle Level 5 lock down…. (yes you read right) God gave her the instruction to open up Woman’s Warehouse and here we are today.
We are a workshop based organisation who empowers women and men through education in the corporate and public sectors.


We focus on
empowering women

to understand and embrace their bodies through our Intimate Health pillar, in our D.I.Y and Automotive pillars we uplift women by giving them practical education in areas we would typically need the assistance from men, we also  teach women about the self-care  and identifying red flags in relationships in our Household and Safety Pillars.

Through every event

campaign, workshop or post we reinforce the foundation of our purpose is the simple truth that woman are created as an equal, and not only an equal but in scripture the word given to us is “Ezer.”
Throughout history the meaning of “Ezer” has been misconstrued and minimised to the word “helper” this could not be further from the truth, He named us “EZER” and in this word lies the true identity of a woman.
To give you some context “Ezer” is a Hebrew word used in biblical terms. The word “Ezer” comes from two root words meaning to rescue, to help, to save and to be strong. So by means of definition an “Ezer” protects, rescues, delivers, is a shield and a strong tower.

There is nothing more supportive

or simple in that and as women this should encourage and empower us to take the rightful place in our homes, communities and work place.
At Woman’s Warehouse we educate, empower and uplift, elevating women to their rightful place in society because without a woman a man is only half the story. We are advocators for woman’s rights, promoters of equality and a driving force against Gender-Based Violence & Period Poverty.

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