This is what we do

The key to empowering, lies in Education

That's why we offer a diverse range of workshops covering a variety of topics, including DIY, automotive, household, safety, and intimate health. Our workshops are designed to cater to both individuals and corporations, making education accessible and convenient for all.

Corporate Workshops & Speaking Engagements

The Power of Femininity in the Workplace

We champion women embracing their unique strengths in the corporate world without conforming to traditional male norms in order to succeed.

Mental Burnout

We equip women with powerful tools for balance! Our team provides practical strategies for achieving harmony across work, home, and social spheres.


We educate women and corporations on managing menopause symptoms and supporting menopausal women in the workplace.

Red Flags (GBVF Awareness)

We’re raising awareness on Gender-Based Violence & Femicide (GBVF) by educating women on various forms of abuse and providing tools to safely exit abusive relationships, preventing further tragedies

Safety (GBVF Prevention)

Women learn life-saving techniquesthrough stress-based simulations!From sexual assault to vehicle-related crimes and home invasions,we empower women with practicalself-defense skills for variousdangerous scenarios.

Breaking the Bias (For men & boys)

Fostering male allies, we focus on cultivating support rather than degradation, harm, or exploitation. Join us in building a culture of respect and equality across all spheres.


We empower women withessential skills in vehiclemaintenance, from changingtires to checking oil and jump-starting. Gain confidence andknowledge for keeping your carin top shape!


Learn to wield power tools, tackle electrical work, plumbing, and master painting prep techniques. Empowering women with hands-on skills for home improvement maintenance.

Intimate Health

“My V & Me” Intimate Health Workshop! Discover the power of understanding your body, menstrual cycles, and sustainable options. Empowering women with knowledge choices for holistic intimate health.