Intimate Health
My V & Me

The Woman's Warehouse My V and Me Corporate Intimate Health Workshop, is a unique and empowering event designed to celebrate and educate women on their intimate health.

As ladies arrive in their comfy pyjamas, they will be greeted with delightful pink welcome drinks, setting the tone for a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Our dedicated team from Woman's Warehouse will kick off the workshop with a warm introduction and an ice breaker activity, ensuring that all women feel safe and comfortable from the start.

The program begins with an enlightening segment led by Gin McLellan, who will delve into the fascinating topic of female anatomy in her engaging talk, “Vulva versus Vagina.” Understanding our bodies is crucial to personal empowerment, and Gin will provide an informative and enjoyable exploration of this subject. Following that, our esteemed founder, Nadine, will take the stage to deliver an inspiring talk on the power of the period. By sharing her insights and experiences, Nadine aims to empower women to embrace and harness the strength that comes with menstruation. After a well-deserved 20-minute break for ladies to attend to personal needs, our next speaker, Ashley Adonis, will captivate the audience with an educational discussion on the importance of menstrual alternatives and the fight against period poverty. Ashley’s talk will shed light on the various options available and inspire attendees to join the movement for change. Following this, the workshop will feature an extraordinary segment known as “The Vagina Diaries.” This dramatic monologue explores the diverse challenges that everyday women encounter, both positive and negative, celebrating their resilience and authenticity.

To conclude this transformative evening, an inspirational motivational talk will be presented, centered around the power of femininity in the workplace. This uplifting discussion will highlight the unique qualities and strengths that women bring to professional environments, encouraging attendees to embrace their femininity as a valuable asset. The workshop aims to leave participants feeling empowered, informed, and motivated to make a positive impact in their own lives and the world around them.

We believe this itinerary strikes the perfect balance between fun and professionalism, creating an engaging experience that will resonate with all attendees.

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