Safety / GBV Prevention

In collaboration with Kalah Combat Systems, Woman's Warehouse tackles gender-based violence in South Africa through stress-based self-defense training.

Our program, rooted in the globally recognized Kalah Combat System practiced in over 20 countries, equips individuals with essential skills to protect themselves in critical situations like rape and workplace armed robberies. Alongside practical workshops, our "Red Flags Workshops" educate on recognizing signs of abuse and safely exiting harmful situations.

With 1 in 3 women possibly affected in your organization, our training prepares mentally and physically, increasing survival odds in real-life scenarios.

Red Flags

This workshop is designed to raise awareness about GBVF, empower individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary to protect themselves, and foster a safer, more inclusive workplace environment. Lasting 90 minutes the workshop informs attendees on all the different types of abuse and the signs to look out for in a potential abuser or abusive relationship, followed by ways to get out of an abusive relationship with contact numbers and links to organisations that can assist if individuals feel that they are at risk.


Self-defense training to protect yourself in a case of sexual assault.


Self-defense training to prepare you for vehicle related crime

Home invasion

How to protect yourself and your family from intruders.

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Red Flags (GBVF Awareness)

We’re raising awareness on Gender-Based Violence & Femicide (GBVF) by educating women on various forms of abuse and providing tools to safely exit abusive relationships, preventing further tragedies


Learn to wield power tools, tackle electrical work, plumbing, and master painting prep techniques. Empowering women with hands-on skills for home improvement maintenance.


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