Mental Burnout Workshop

Join us on a transformative journey to reclaim balance and combat mental burnout.

Explore our comprehensive guide in finance, time management, and housekeeping, as we empower you to navigate the unprecedented challenges of everyday life as a woman. The workshop will begin with internationally recognised/accredited corporate coach Annatjie who will address mental burnout as a corporate issue and ways to go about managing and preventing it.

Time management

Woman's Warehouse founder and visionary, Nadine Clevely will provide you with essential ways to implement effective time management which is crucial to prevent burnout. Prioritize tasks, set realistic goals, break down large tasks, learn to say no, use time management tools, avoid distractions, take breaks, prioritize self-care, and enjoy mental health benefits. By managing time well, reduce stress, boost productivity, and maintain work-life balance to prevent burnout.


Our marketing director Gin Mclellan will delve into the art of living financially within your means. In this session, we will explore essential strategies for creating a budget, prioritizing spending, avoiding impulse buying, cutting back on unnecessary expenses, steering clear of debt, setting financial goals, embracing individuality, seeking professional advice, and experiencing the mental health benefits of financial well-being. Take control of your finances, reduce stress, boost confidence, and pave the way to a secure and fulfilling financial future.

Home Organising/Decluttering

Creative Director, Ashley Adonis will guide you on a transformative journey of decluttering in our empowering event. Discover the power of setting clear goals, starting small, decluttering regularly, sorting belongings, eliminating unnecessary items, finding creative storage solutions, maintaining cleanliness, involving your family, and experiencing the mental health benefits of an organized home. Join us and unlock the secrets to a clutter-free, tranquil, and empowering living space.

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